Villa Joy of Blue 01

Villa Joy Of Blue 01


Villa Joy Of Blue 01

From € 950/night

This opulent and luxurious villa is well hidden within a lush Mediterranean garden with great sea views whilst located only a few minutes’ drive from the magical village of Naoussa and some of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Paros.

An infinity pool spreads along the length of the house, inviting guests to enjoy dipping in and out of the water and relax on the loungers, while the large patio overlooking the pool, provides a unique outdoor sitting space where guests can enjoy meals or an evening drink with friends.

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The villa is surrounded by a huge variety of plants and trees such as roses, geraniums, lavender, oregano, laurel, fig trees, olive trees, pine trees, to name only a few, which not only provide shade but also indulge the senses with exquisite smells and colours. At the back end of the main garden guests can also find a vegetable and herb section with homegrown tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, basil etc. Within the garden there are many secluded sitting areas for those who need some tranquility to read a book or just enjoy the surroundings.

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